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At ACKRO, we are dedicated to helping businesses in Australia and New Zealand excel in the digital age. We specialize in providing automated solutions using Excel, Access, VBA, PHP, Python and MySQL to streamline operations and boost productivity.

With extensive experience across various industries and hands-on involvement at the frontlines, ACKRO knows the right questions to ask and the steps to take to optimise and automate your business processes. Our custom automated solutions are designed to meet your unique needs, driving productivity and growth.

Discover how ACKRO can help transform your business today.

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Our mission is to support start-ups and businesses by facilitating a quicker online setup and setting up processes before they become convoluted.  

We strive to assist established businesses in enhancing their efficiency and accuracy through process automation.

Some of our services

Process Automation

Within a business, data is often handled multiple times throughout various processes.
We can sit with you to review and design how your data is used, where it goes and what can be improved.  We can:

  • Design automated processes
  • Process data from a single or multiple sources of truth
  • Automate and process various data formats to a single template
  • Automate restructuring of data
  • Automate delegation to various departments or data systems
  • Automated reporting, integrity and data checks

Free up time from mundane repetitive tasks and processes within your business and improve efficiency and accuracy.

We can review, design and implement automated solutions to streamline tedious processes:

  • Data input & data capture
  • Reports Generating
  • Move from paper to digital
  • Automate Excel, Access and many more!
  • Improve accuracy by removing double handling of data
  • Build Specialize cloud-based WebApps

We design and develop websites for businesses and startups.  We can implement:

  • Single/multi-page sites
  • Data capture methods
  • Automated processes
  • Automated traffic reporting
  • Provide suggestions on where to improve online visibility.
  • Online ecommerce stores.
  • …And more

We can assist your start-up and businesses by reviewing, designing and implementing organisational methodologies and guidelines for storing and managing your documents and digital assets.

  • Policy and Procedures organisation
  • Staff and Client onboarding processes
  • Setting up online training portals
  • Version control
  • …and much more

Convert your Excel application to a dedicated Web Application.

Excel and Access are powerful applications, but they come with limitations and constraints that can hinder your data automation and reporting capabilities.

We specialize in reverse engineering your existing Excel and Access solutions, transforming them into fully functional and scalable web applications. This isn’t limited to just Excel or Access; we can enhance any program or system you use.

Don’t let constrained data and business processes limit your potential. Unlock new possibilities and efficiency for your team and business.

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