Excel: Asset Management and Maintenance Scheduling System


Staff used a basic spreadsheet to track the company’s assets, registration, and service maintenance schedule. The spreadsheet was simple and not well-organized, limiting its usefulness.

Solution: After understanding the requirements and purposes, I redesigned the spreadsheet to maximize its potential and automated various data entry and task requirements.

Improvements Implemented:

  1. Expiration Date Alerts: Created alerts for assets with expiration dates, notifying staff 90, 60, and 30 days before expiration.
  2. Dashboard & Indicators: Developed a dashboard with visible indicators to highlight when action was needed based on time remaining before expiration.
  3. Status Tracking: Implemented status tracking to allow the head of the department to easily view and understand staff responses.
  4. Data Integration: Built the sheet to extract required data from an external spreadsheet, reducing manual data entry and errors.
  5. Macros & Alerts: Integrated macros and alerts to track critical requirements and tasks.


  • Disorganized Data: The original spreadsheet was not organized, limiting its effectiveness.
  • Manual Data Entry: Data from a separate spreadsheet was manually entered, prone to errors, and duplicated effort.
  • Lack of Alerts: No system for alerting staff about upcoming expiration dates or required actions.


  • Organized Data Structure: Redesigned the spreadsheet for better organization and usability.
  • Automated Alerts: Implemented alerts for expiration dates and required actions.
  • Dashboard & Indicators: Created a dashboard with visual indicators for easy monitoring.
  • Data Integration: Automated data extraction from external spreadsheets to reduce errors and duplication.
  • Macros & Task Tracking: Developed macros and alerts to automate task tracking and action prompts.


  • Improved Data Integrity: Enhanced data accuracy and reduced manual entry errors.
  • Efficient Asset Management: Streamlined asset management and servicing workflow.
  • Autonomous Reporting: Enabled autonomous reporting and action prompting.
  • Enhanced Oversight: Allowed the head of the department to monitor asset quality, service requirements, impending issues, and staff performance at a glance.

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