WebApp: Dynamic Online Sales Reporting for Reps


To build an online reporting portal for a legacy ERP system that was only accessible over remote desktop, providing autonomous reporting capabilities.

The ERP system lacked API functionality but had a proprietary ODBC driver running on a specific operating system. Multiple businesses using the ERP system each had separate databases, and the umbrella company needed data access to compile reports and financial statements.

Solution by ACKRO:

ACKRO designed and built a solution leveraging data connections for each company and developed a web application that compiled data at runtime, producing live and current reports.

The WebApp featured:

  • Role-based Permissions: From the Head Office Financial Controller (access to all companies’ data) to Sales Managers (access to their sales reps’ data) to individual sales reps (access to their own sales data).
  • Immediate Reporting: Authorized users could see real-time results instead of waiting for weekly reports.


This solution not only achieved its goals but also unlocked further opportunities for automated reporting capabilities with the legacy ERP system.


  • Legacy ERP system with a single access point to the database.
  • Each company had its own ERP system version and separate database.
  • Time taken for manual report generation by Data Maintenance Officers using Excel/Access every week.
  • Risk of data integrity issues due to manual handling of the data.


  • Web Server & Application: Built a web server and web application to act as a portal and gateway to the data.
  • Automated Routines: Compiled data from multiple systems, ran integrity checks, and performed clean-up tasks.
  • Role-based Access: Assigned roles to users with varying access levels (from full access to company/user-specific access).
  • Live & Dynamic Reporting: Utilized PHP/JavaScript for up-to-the-second live reporting.
  • Automated Email Reports & Alerts: Generated reports based on specific criteria, data integrity or sales figures.
  • Sales Dashboard: Provided an online dashboard for sales managers to oversee their sales reps.
  • Resource Optimization: Freed up staff resources previously dedicated to manual report generation in Excel.

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